Over the years we have worked with lots of holiday cottage owners and holiday parks to make more money. By having a hot tub accompany their Holiday rental. But choosing the right hot tub for a holiday cottage isn’t straight forward and there are several things you need to consider.

When it comes to hot tubs we really are experts and our range had something for every situation. Our experts will help you choose the right solution to suit your budget, that will return maximum profit in your holiday rental.

HSG282 is Health and Safety Guideline introduced in Feb 2017. It sets out the requirements to control Legionella in a “Business” setting. Hot Tubs need to be of a certain basic specification and those running the hot tub need to provide a thorough inspection regime over the course of a customers holiday. To find out more click here to see the publication.

  1. Access – measure the gate width, do you have over head obstacles? Steps , walls? If in doubt one of our team will come and access the access. The size and type of your access will determine which type of hot tubs you can have.
  2. Sink it or Not? – Thinking of sinking your hot tub into a deck? This certainly can be done but please talk to us about this. Access is really important for maintenance and the decking team need to be instructed too. So they don’y install cross members in the wrong place.
  3. Where do I site it? – ideally closer to the property the better but we appreciate  sometimes the best views maybe at the bottom of the garden. Bare in mind further away from the house, the more expensive the electrical cable will be to install. Also consider how guests will walk from your cottage to the tub and how they keep their feet clean and bodies warm. You may need to consider slippers and robes or ask guests to bring them.
  4. Firm Base – do you have a suitable base for a hot tub? Hot tubs weigh upwards of 3000kg when full with occupants, so a firm solid base ideally concrete is required. If it’s a USA spa we insist on concrete for long term stability of your spa.
  5. Electric Supply – this depends on the type and size of the tub. We have 13A plug and play tubs right up to 40A large tubs! This can be discussed with a visit to the property.
  6. How big a tub do I need? – size the tub simply to the number of potential occupants. Or the number of occupants you typically attract to your property.
  7. What specification / type of tub do I need? We feel your tub needs to match the surroundings it is in. If you own a 5 star holiday let and are commanding high rentals, then you need a hot tub with the wow factor to accompany it. Or you may just want a tub to tick a box, to say you have a tub at your property. We have a solution for all cottages.
  8. What about backup and support? – We have 2 engineers who assist in delivering, maintaining and repairing spas. So rest assured knowing if it goes wrong, we have the team too ensure the tub is up and running as quick as possible.
  9. Warranty – a hot tub in a holiday cottage environment will take more abuse than in a persons home. It is paramount to buy a good quality spa with a long warranty. Our tubs carry up to 10 years in warranty for the ultimate piece of mind.
  10. Chemicals – we advise that in a holiday cottage environment you should have a tub that can self dose. Our range of USA spas have an inline chemical dispenser to ensure chemicals are being fed and topping up the levels.
  11. I heard there is a lot to do with a hot tub? – they can be difficult at 1st but once you find the right way to operate the spa water you will be fine. We can provide all the advice and guidance you need. We can also provide you with check sheets for checking the water. Don’t worry we work with partner companies who can mange your hot tub from £99 a week

For more information call 08450 34 35 50 or email: sales@hottubsnorthwales.biz or for more info contact us.

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